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Why should I choose Interspire Knowledge Manager over one of your competitors?

In a nutshell:
  • Optimized Database and indexing, tested with 50,000 questions spread over 1,000 categories on a basic shared server.

  • Professionally designed end user templates tested across multiple browsers and platforms

  • Built in active response system answers questions from your knowledge base instantly. Plugs into any web form including your existing contact form.

  • Unmatched intuitive user interface.

  • Dedicated customer support and development. Product in development for over 3+ years

  • Massive list of unrivaled product features too long to mention here. See the complete feature list.

  • Search engine optimized. Uses static URL's, meta keywords, description etc.

  • Used by 800+ websites. Low and high traffic websites including UbiSoft, Aweber, Site5 to name a few.

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