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My newsletter has the X-Authentication-Warning header. What is it and how can I get rid of it ?

The X-Authentication-Warning header is added by Sendmail when the user sending emails (usually the user the web server is running as) tries to send them as a different user (which is required to set the from and bounce of your emails correctly).

To disable this message you have to tell Sendmail that the web server user is a trusted user. First work out which user your web server is running as (by either checking the httpd.conf or doing a ps -ef or ps aux at the command line). Common users for this might be htdocs, apache, nobody or www-data. Once you know this you need to edit your file which is normally somewhere under the /etc directory on your server. You can find it on the server by running

find / -name ''

Edit this file in your preferred editor and add T<username> where <username> should be replaced by the name of the user that the web server is running as. For example if my web server is running as htdocs I would add the line


Once this is done, restart sendmail and you should no longer see that warning on mail going out from your web server.

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