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Can I setup Interspire Email Marketer with multiple users with their own contact lists and newsletters?

Of course. Interspire Email Marketer is a multi-user application, that allows you to create users that can manage their own contact lists, newsletters and other functionality. Users are created in the 'users' section that you can browse to using the link in the top right of your installation.

A user must have sufficient privileges to be able to create and edit users.

By creating users and giving them their own access, you can offer Interspire Email Marketer as a hosted solution to multiple clients, as it does not need to be installed on the clients website, but instead can be installed in a single location (such as your web site) and your clients can login and manage their email marketing from there.

Emails sent from Interspire Email Marketer can be easily configured to come from your clients own email address / domain name.

No additional scripts or code are needed to be added to your clients website, all sending, link tracking etc is handled inside Interspire Email Marketer.

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