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After processing bounced emails there are still emails in the email account. Isn't Interspire Email Marketer supposed to delete these emails?

Interspire Email Marketer will delete any bounced emails inside the bounce email account that it recognizes as either soft or hard bounces. If it doesn't recognize an email as a bounce then it will ignore it.

As of version 5.5 you can tell Interspire Email Marketer to delete ALL emails in your bounce inbox when bounced emails are processed. To do that, follow these steps when setting up your bounce processing details (either from the Settings page under the "Bounce Account Details" section on the "Email Settings" tab, or when specifying bounce server details when adding/editing a contact list):

  1. Tick the "I understand that bounced emails will be removed from the inbox I am using to manage them" option. A new checkbox will appear
  2. Tick the "Remove all emails from the inbox, not just bounce emails" checkbox to permanently delete all emails in the inbox when bounce processing is finished.

Interspire Email Marketer uses a bounce rules file to detect and process bounced emails. You can modify and add your own bounce rules by editing this file (please note that we do not provide support for modified bounce rule files):


To add a new rule follow these simple steps:
  • Find a consistent message in the bounced email - for example "User Does Not Exist"
  • Do NOT include I.P. addresses or server names in the rule because if you get a similar bounce from another server, it will not pick up properly.
  • Next find the section you want to add it to, for example: $GLOBALS['BOUNCE_RULES']['hard']['emaildoesntexist']
  • Copy a line like the one you want to modify, and change the rule: $GLOBALS['BOUNCE_RULES']['hard']['emaildoesntexist'][] = 'your new rule goes here';

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