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I am a web designer, ad agency or ISP. How can I offer SiteCenter to my clients?

SiteCenter was built from the ground up to help service providers such as web designers, advertising / marketing agencies and ISP's offer a do-it-yourself website building, publishing and editing solution to their clients.

SiteCenter is a multi-user solution that means you can create a user account for each one of your clients, so they have access to their own "control panel". From inside this control panel, they can create and modify their website, regardless of where that website is hosted.

The base license of SiteCenter comes with 100 users so you can have 1 login for yourself as an administrator and 99 for your clients. You can then purchase additional user licenses as you need them.

You can private label SiteCenter with your own logo, color scheme and branding so your clients see it as your own solution and not ours.

There's also an unbranded user guide (received with your purchase) that you can brand with your details and give to your clients.

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