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I don't receive email campaigns that I send to myself. What's going on?

The most common reason you don't receive an email that you've sent to yourself is because of spam filters on your email account.

If you are using Yahoo mail or Hotmail, this is a common occurrence due to their very aggressive spam filters. Check your spam or Junk mail folder to make sure the email hasn't been automatically delivered there.

Some mail accounts such as Yahoo mail can sometimes block an email but it won't appear in your Junk mail folder or inbox. To work out what is happening, sign up for a free Gmail Account and send your email there. Gmail is a lot less aggressive with spam filtering and will usually deliver all emails. Gmail also has a spam folder so if you don't see your email in the inbox, check that folder.

Finally, if your mail is being flagged as spam, there are usually reasons for this, which can include your choice of words such as "Free" etc.

There are some simple steps you can follow to reduce the likelihood that your emails will be marked as spam. They are outlined in these tutorials written by our team members:

If you have tried all the above and still experiencing deliverability problems, then there may be an issue with mail sending on your server. Contact your web hosting provider to make sure mail can be sent from your server. Finally, if that doesn't help, please post a support ticket and we'll try and find out what the problem could be.

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