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Upgrade for 'banned_emails_add_banid' failed. Reason: 'Duplicate column name'

This error occurs because you have already performed the upgrade far enough that the database already contains these tables.

If this occurs in the upgrade from SendStudio 2004 to Interspire Email Marketer you will need to clean out your Interspire Email Marketer database and restore the database to the one that you backed up in an earlier stage of the upgrade.

If you see this in an update from one version Interspire Email Marketer to another you are simply performing the upgrade incorrectly. Different releases of Interspire Email Marketer are to remove any bugs that have been made apparent to us.

To solve this for the later you will simply need to remove the 'includes/' file that you would have placed there to initiate the upgrade and replace the 'admin/includes/config.php' file that you backed up before performing the upgrade.

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