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I want my autoresponders to send out immediately after sign up. Does my cron being set to 20 minutes affect this?

The way autoresponders and CRON work together is this:
  • You set up your auto responders to be sent out at intervals of your choice (immediately, after an hour, after a day etc.)
  • You set up CRON to run at certain intervals like every 20 minutes.
  • CRON will trigger the autoresponder PHP file to run at this interval.
  • Setting the autoresponder to send immediately after they sign up (0 hours) will place the contact in a queue to be sent the email.
  • Every 20 minutes (or what ever you have it set to) your cron will run and look at this queue. Interspire Email Marketer will then send the autoresponder to all contacts in that queue.
  • The maximum delay that should occur is 20 minutes. This would happen if someone signs up just as cron has been triggered to run. They will miss out on this send, but be sent the email on the next run.

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