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How does the Max Hourly Rate (throttling) work in Interspire Email Marketer?

The Max Hourly Rate (email throttling) in Interspire Email Marketer lets you specify how many emails can be sent out per hour. This is useful if your ISP restricts the number of emails you can send out per hour.

Interspire Email Marketer spaces out the email sending so that the emails are sent over the period of time you specify, rather than sending them all out as quick as possible and then waiting for the time to pass.

If you set the Per hour' limit to 1000 then Interspire Email Marketer will divide an hour up into 1000 and send each email out at that rate.

This means that if you are sending 2000 emails it will take 2 hours. If you are sending 500 emails it will take half an hour.

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