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Can I use a Gmail account to handle bounced emails?

To process bounces against a Gmail account, set your bounce settings as follows:
  • Bounce Server: OR
  • Bounce Username: <your Gmail account username> (either 'user' or '' will work)
  • Bounce Username: <your Gmail account password>
  • Check "Yes, this is an IMAP account" only if you are using
  • Check "Yes, use extra mail settings" and "Other", then for Other put /ssl/novalidate-cert
You also will need to have activated IMAP access OR activated POP access in your Gmail account.

If this does not work and you get the error "Invalid remote specification" then your php_imap module has not been compiled with SSL support. You will need to ask your web host to recompile PHP and add the --with-imap-ssl option to the configure command.

If Gmail marks the bounces as spam, simply mark them as safe inside the Gmail Junk folder.

Bounce Processing Video Tutorial

If you'd prefer to watch a step-by-step tutorial which shows how to configure bounce processing (including advanced settings), process bounces automatically and manually through a normal email account and through a Gmail account, as well as how to setup cron then click the image below. Rick Carlile, Interspire's user education manager will guide you through the complete process in a simple to understand format.

To skip straight to the Gmail section of the tutorial, drag the progress bar to section 54/65 (you will see which section you're in when you start dragging the progress bar).

Watch the step-by-step bounce processing video tutorial

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