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My cron job gives me the error "IMAP support is not available. Bounced emails cannot be processed without IMAP support."

Watch the step-by-step bounce processing video tutorial

Bounce Processing Video Tutorial

If you'd prefer to watch a step-by-step tutorial which shows how to configure bounce processing (including advanced settings), process bounces automatically and manually through a normal email account and through a Gmail account, as well as how to setup cron then click the image above. Rick Carlile, Interspire's user education manager will guide you through the complete process in a simple to understand format.

That error is from php not having the imap module loaded which is required for processing bounces. If you don't need this and just want to get rid of the error, if you edit the iem/admin/cron/cron.php file and comment out the line

require($mydir . '/bounce.php');

by adding a # to the front of it so it would become

# require($mydir . '/bounce.php');

That will stop the cron job from trying to process bounces which will stop that message from coming through.

If you do want to process bounces automatically from the cron job, you will have to ask your host to enable that module for you (even if you are connecting to a pop server, php needs the php-imap module loaded so that it has the functions available to be able to talk to pop3 and imap mail servers to get the bounce emails).

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