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Can I use my existing user database with Interspire Email Marketer?

Yes, you can create PHP scripts which call the IEM functions and classes, or you can use the XML API.  Using the XML API is usually going to be the preferred solution, and you can find more information about is in the XML API Documentation here:

On the other hand, in some cases, it may be more effective to simply write a PHP script that calls Email Marketer's built in classes and functions.  For example, you could write a script like this to add a user to a contact list:

$installDir = 'your IEM install directory';
$emailAddress = 'your email address to add to the contact list';
$contactListId = 'your contact list ID';

defined('IEM_NO_CONTROLLER') or define('IEM_NO_CONTROLLER',true); //bypass login prompt

require($installDir.'/admin/index.php');  //pull in base required classes
require($installDir.'/admin/functions/api/subscribers.php'); //pull in Subscribers API

$subscriber_api = &new Subscribers_API();
$subscriber_api->AddToList($emailAddress, $contactListId);

Now, to make this really useful, you might build a loop around it to import a batch of contacts from your existing user database, but this should give you a good picture of the basic concept.

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