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I receive a warning inside Interspire Email Marketer that it has not yet detected my CRON running. What does this mean?

If you receive this error message:

You have enabled cron support, but the system has not yet detected a successful cron job running. Please make sure cron has been setup on your server and is running correctly. This message will disappear once the system detects that cron job has run successfully.

It means that you've told Interspire Email Marketer to use the CRON option (in the settings page) but not yet setup CRON on your server or it's been setup incorrectly. This message will go away the first time your CRON runs successfully.

To setup CRON for Interspire Email Marketer, follow these instructions.

If you've followed these instructions and still having problems, then check your CRON settings again for incorrect paths, spelling errors etc. You can also set a CRON email output address so that you will be emailed any errors that your CRON script detects directly to you.

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