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I'm having problems setting up CRON. What can I do?

When setting up CRON, you have an option in both Cpanel, Plesk and SSH to specify an email address where error messages are sent to. You should follow the instructions as per here and add your email address as the email to output any error messages.

Plesk and Cpanel have an option for this in the control panel.

If you're using SSH or Telnet to setup a crontab, add:


on a line by itself, as the first line in crontab.

Wait for the CRON to trigger depending on the time you set it to run and if there are any errors, you should receive an email with these errors. If you're unsure of the errors, please contact your web hosting provider, as they generally will be server specific errors. IF they are not able to help, then please post a support ticket via the client area.

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