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How do I rebrand/change the logo/change the messages/translate SiteCenter?

There are two ways to rebrand SiteCenter:

  1. Easy way:
    On the administration area, click on Settings. There you will find Site Logo Image, from where you can upload an image file from your computer. This image file will be saved on the server, and the /admin/includes/config.php file will be updated to point to the new image file. However, some servers setup may prevent PHP from doing this kind of changes. If you can't update the logo image this way, the second option will work for you.
  2. Complete way:
    The logo for the front-end can be found at sitecenter/images/logo.gif. You can overwrite this file. If you want to use a JPEG file, you can upload the image to the sitecenter/images directory, and then change the sitecenter/admin/includes/config.php file to point to the new image. The variable $GLOBALS["logoImage"] holds the image information. The image path is relative to your SiteCenter install.

All SiteCenter HTML is based on template files. These template files can be found on the sitecenter/tpl directory for the front-end and sitecenter/admin/templates for the back-end. The template files are pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript with placeholders like %%GLOBAL_Message%%. The placeholders will be replaced by information defined by SiteCenter.

All the messages and text within SiteCenter is defined in language files. They can be found at sitecenter/includes/language directory, making it very easy to translate the product or create personalized text outputs for your customers. The files are:
back_language.ini - holds the text information for the back-end;
front_language.ini - holds the text information for the front-end.

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