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What is Cron and why should I run this more frequently then once a week?

Cron is an application that runs a file or script at intervals that you determine.

You will tell cron to run the file 'admin/cron/cron.php' from the Interspire Email Marketer installation. You want to get cron to run this file every 10 minutes.

Once you have done this the cron.php will load and run every 10 minutes.

The cron.php file performs functions like checking what contacts are due to have autoresponders sent to them, what emails are ready to be sent etc.

The reason why you want to have this run every 10 minutes is that it makes the job more accurate.

For example:

If I sign up at 10:30pm on Wednesday and there is an autoresponder that I should receive 7 days after I sign up I should receive this on Wednesday at 10:30pm.

If you set your cron job to run once a week, say on Sunday at 12:00pm, your Interspire Email Marketer will use this cron.php file being run on Sunday and see that you have one contact. That person has been subscribed for 4 days. This is not 7 so don't send.

The next time this job runs will be next Sunday. Interspire Email Marketer will again run the file but this time it will see that the user has been there for 11 days. It will send the autoresponder, but it will be 4 days too late.

If, however you set the job to run every 10 minutes, your person will receive the autoresponder at 10:40 on Wednesday at the latest.

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