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How can I wrap a page or PHP file into the Interspire Website Publisher layout?

To include PHP code within a Panel, please see this article:

If you already have a PHP file or another page that can be changed to be a PHP file, then you can use this method to include your page into the Interspire Website Publisher design.

Place this code at the very top of your php file:

$GLOBALS['Content'] = "##CONTENT##";
echo $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_TEMPLATE"]->ParseTemplate();
$template = ob_get_contents();
function ob_callback($tmp) {
    global $template;
    $new = str_replace("##CONTENT##",$tmp,$template);
    return $new;

Note: In the code above, you will see this line:

This is the path to your Interspire Website Publisher init.php file. This specific one is if you are in a sub-directory below it (e.g. Interspire Website Publisher is at and your file is at If you were in the same directory it would merely be:


Or if Interspire Website Publisher is in a subfolder, then:

Once you put the code before at the top of the file, it will wrap your content into the Interspire Website Publisher design using the Other.html layout file located in /templates/{your-template}/

If you have any troubles using this method, simply post a support ticket via your client area.

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