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How can I add a new field(s) to the author sign up/register page?

You'll first need to add the fields to the database table 'prefix_users'. e.g. it might be called ArticleLive_users or al_users etc.

You'll then need to edit the HTML file:


Then change the PHP code to insert it at:

/includes/classes/ and find the SaveNewAuthor() function.

at the top, you'll see lines like:

$InsertData['Username']  = strip_tags(StripNewLines($_POST["Username"]);
Just add your own like:

$InsertData['DatabaseFieldName']  = strip_tags(StripNewLines($_POST["FormFieldName"]);
Changing DatabaseFieldName and FormFieldName to what names you gave them respectively.

To show it on the authors page, you'll need to set the global first. Open /includes/display/ViewAuthorPanel.php and find a line like:

$GLOBALS["AuthorBio"] = $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_AUTHOR"]->GetBio();
Add a new line:

$GLOBALS["PlaceholderName"] = $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_AUTHOR"]->_data['DatabaseFieldName'];
(changing PlaceholderName and DatabaseFieldName)

Then placing the global where you want it to show up in /templates/{your-template}/Panels/ViewAuthorPanel.html

The global name will be %%GLOBAL_PlaceholderName%%

If you have troubles with this guide, send in a support ticket from your client area.

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