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I am getting write errors when trying to create email campaigns, templates, autoresponders etc. What could be wrong?

These errors generally occur if your permissions are not set up correctly. If you have Safe-Mode enabled on your server your permissions may appear to be set up correctly when in fact they are not.

You can upload the file attached here to the 'admin/temp' folder in your Interspire Email Marketer installation to test your file permissions.

If your permissions are not set correctly you can follow these steps:

On a Unix server you will have to check your file permissions by setting the folder to CHMOD 757. If this still does not work you should talk to your host to see if Safe-Mode is enabled and if they can set the folder permissions to writable for you.

On a Windows server running IIS you will need to do things slightly different.

  • Right click on the IEM/temp/ file and go to the security tab.
  • Click the add button then type in IUSR_<Computer name> where <Computer name> is the name of the machine you are running IIS on and click the Check Names button. It should complete the name for you.
  • Click ok and tick the Allow modify option in the list. The write option should also become ticked so that the all the allow tickboxes except for Full access and special permissions should be ticked.
  • Click ok.
Once again, if this does not work for you, you will have to talk to your host to see if they can firstly disable Safe-Mode, and if not, if they can set the folder permissions correctly for you.

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