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How can I make articles use a different panel file based upon their category?

This guide is for versions of Interspire Website Publisher NX 1.7.*. If you have NX 2.0 this feature is built in and you can skip down to Part 2 to use it.

Part 1 -- Interspire Website Publisher NX 1.7.* only
Open: /includes/classes/class.panel.php


$parsedPanelData = "";

Then paste this code after it:

if(strpos($this->_htmlFile,"ViewArticlePanel.html") !== false){

    $origFile = $this->_htmlFile;
    $categoryId = $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_ARTICLE"]->_catlist[0];
    $categoryName = $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_ARTICLE"]->_catnames[$categoryId];
    $categoryName = str_replace(" ","_",$categoryName);

    $newFile = str_replace(".html","_" . $categoryName.".html",$this->_htmlFile);
        $this->_htmlFile = $newFile;

Part 2 - Interspire Website Publisher NX 1.7.* and NX 2.0
Currently, all articles will use this file to display:


With the above code, this is now only the default. You can now create:


A template file that all the articles that have 'Arts' as their category will use. The format is:


CategoryName also has no spaces. If your category name does have a space, it will converted to an underscore. So say you have "My Example" as the category name. You can create:

And put content or ads specific to that category in there.

If you have any troubles with this guide, please submit a support ticket via the control panel.

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