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What's the difference between WebEdit & SiteCenter?

WebEdit Professional and SiteCenter are pretty similar, in that they both allow users to edit websites from a web browser.

The main difference, is that SiteCenter also has a site builder (which can be turned off by default), that allows users to build a website from scratch by selecting a template, and following a step by step wizard.

It also has a simple mode editing, that allows users to browse their website and then select the file they wish to edit, rather than use the file manager. (This can be turned off by default if required)

SiteCenter is also installed in ONE location, and uses FTP to connect to the other websites, while WebEdit is installed on the website that you want to edit / maintain.

WebEdit is better at handling PHP and server side code as the code can be executed before sent to the WYSIWYG editor. SiteCenter can only handle HTML and cannot execute the dynamic code before editing.

If you are looking to maintain your own site, or a small number of sites, then WebEdit Professional would be your choice of application. If you have a large number of sites, or you are a webhost that wants to offer site building also, then SiteCenter would be the better solution.

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