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How do I use my own Ads or Banners within Interspire Website Publisher?

This applies to ArticleLive NX 1.7 and above

Interspire Website Publisher has built-in Google AdSense support, you can replace each of these with your own ads or banners.

The HTML for each Ad is kept separate for each size allocation, this way you can add banners or Ads of specific sizes to replace each of these.

Each AdSense block is stored within a Snippet file, located at
The Snippets used for the Ads are all prefixed with Google, and their names have their dimensions along with their type.

You can open this in any text editor (using FTP or working directly through the Templates section of the Interspire Website Publisher control panel) and replace the <script> code with your own Banner/Ad HTML code.

If you get stuck or need a hand, just login to our client area and post a support ticket.

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