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How do I create Templates for WebEdit ?

Templates in WebEdit are normal html files that are used to create new files from. This allows you to keep your site design consistent when creating new content pages.

The templates are stored in the folder webedit/templates, where webedit is the location WebEdit is installed. A template consists basically of two files:
1. a gif file with a preview of your template. This should be an image 165 pixels wide by 135 pixels in height.
2. a html file with your code. All elements within the HTML code should be called using an absolute path, and all images and CSS files should on your website so it's easier for your customer to edit them. As of WebEdit NX 1.3.5, only .html files can be used as templates, and dynamic files may be accepted in the future.

To modify a template, you must first download the html file and modify it with your preferred html editor. Then simply upload it back into the templates folder. The template file has to have the .html extension.

You can also create as many templates as you want, just keep in mind to always upload the .html file with the template and the .gif file with the preview.

To remove a template, delete the template file from the template folder.

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