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What are analytics settings?

The analytics settings tab is available under the Settings menu. It allows you to enable and configure one or more analytics packages into your store. An analytics package works in conjunction with your online marketing efforts and allows you to track where visitors come from (such as from a Google AdWords ad or a third party web site) and how much they spend on your web site. You can then use these statistics to determine which of your online marketing efforts are bringing in money and which are costing you money.

By default, you can integrate Interspire TrackPoint NX or Google Analytics into your store with just a few clicks. Here's an example of how to integrate Interspire TrackPoint NX into your store:
  1. Purchase a copy of Interspire TrackPoint NX and install it on your web site
  2. Click the Analytics Settings option under the Settings menu in the Interspire Shopping Cart control panel
  3. You will see a list of analytics packages which can be integrated into your store
  4. Click the checkbox next to Interspire TrackPoint NX and click Save
  5. You will now see the Interspire TrackPoint NX analytics tab appear
  6. Click on the tab and follow the step-by-step instructions to integrate Interspire TrackPoint NX into your store

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