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What are tracking and conversion codes?

In order to track how someone arrived at your web site and how much money they spent, you can integrate an analytics package (such as Interspire TrackPoint NX) directly into your store. When you integrate an analytics package you will need to fill in 2 fields:
  1. Tracking code: The tracking code is a small piece of JavaScript that's automatically added to every page of your store. It's used to track when a new visitors comes to your store, including the time and date and which web site he came from. The tracking code uses cookies to track visitors, which is the most commonly used method of doing so.
  2. Conversion code: Once a visitor that arrives at your store has been tracked, any orders he/she places through your web site can be linked back to them anonymously. This allows you to see which web sites your visitors came from and how much money they spent on your web site. The tracking code is a small piece of JavaScript which is automatically added to the order confirmation page of your web site after someone places an order.
Both Interspire TrackPoint NX and Google Analytics (two popular analytics packages) can be integrated directly into your store from the Analytics Settings option under the Settings menu.

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