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Can I replace the list of categories with my list of brands instead?

You can remove the list of categories from your web site and replace it with a list of brands, however this involves editing your web site's template. If you are slightly familar with HTML then follow the steps below. If not, please contact your web designer or administrator and have him/her follow the steps below:
  1. Enable design mode from the Settings page
  2. Browse to your store by clicking the View Store link
  3. Right click on the brands list down either the left or right side of your store and choose the Edit Panel option
  4. Copy the HTML that appears and close the editor window
  5. Now right click on the categories list and click the Edit Panel option
  6. Paste the HTML you copied from step 4 over the existing categories HTML and click Save
  7. Click the Close & Update button to save changes and refresh your web site
  8. Finally, right click on the brands list and choose the Remove Panel option
  9. Click Save on the design mode toolbar to save changes
  10. Uncheck the Design Mode option from the Settings page and click Save

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