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What is the brands tag cloud and how does it work?

The brands tag cloud is an alternate way to show the list of brands on your web site. The larger a brands text appears in the tag cloud, the more products there are in your store that are linked to that brand.

Brands that contain few or no products will appear in the brands tag cloud faded with a smaller font size. The brands tag cloud will appear either down the left or right side of the page (depending on which web site template your store is using) when it is enabled.

To enable the brands tag cloud for your store, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Store Settings option from the Settings menu
  2. Click the Display Settings tab
  3. Click the Enable Tag Clouds? checkbox
  4. Click Save
Once you have enabled brand tag clouds simply go to any brands page in your store or go to (replace with your web site) in your web browser.

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