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Can I import my existing customer list?

Yes. From the control panel there are a few different ways to import your existing customer list into your store:

Import From a File

Click the Products tab and then choose the Import Products option. From this page you can either upload a file from your computer or choose an existing file that's already been uploaded to your web site, usually through an FTP program which allows you to transfer files from your computer to your web site.

Generally if your import file is large (i.e. greater than 8MB in size) then you would upload it using an FTP program to the admin/import folder of your where your store is located. You can then choose the Use a file already on the server option from the Import Products page.

If you only have a few hundred customers that you want to import into your store then you can choose the Upload a file from my computer option from the Import Products page. When you click the Browse... button you will be able to select a file to upload and import from your hard drive.

Your import file must be in comma-separated values format (or CSV for short). If you have your list of customers saved as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet then it's easy to convert that file to a .CSV file. Here's how:
  1. Open your list of customers in Microsoft Excel
  2. Depending on which version of Excel you're running, either click the Save As option under the File menu or click the Office button and then move your mouse over the Save As menu and choose the Other Formats option.
  3. When the Save As dialog box appears choose CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) from the Save as type pulldown menu.
  4. Type a name for the file into the File name field, such as customers.csv and click Save

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