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Can I export my customer list?

Yes. There are 2 ways to export your list of customers, both of which will be explained below.

Export Customers to a File

It's easy to export all or some of your customers to a comma-separated values file (or CSV file for short). Firstly you need to choose which customers you want to export. To export all customers go to the View Customers page by double clicking on the customers tab. To export only customers who match certain criteria, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Customers tab and choose the Search Customers option
  2. Fill in the appropriate fields pertaining to which customers you want to export and click Search
  3. You will now see a list of customers that matched your search criteria
To export your customer list click the Export These Customers... button. A window will appear which allows you to choose the file format in which customers should be exported. There are two options:
  1. CSV (Comma Separated) will export your customer list into a plain text file that can be opened and edited in any text editor as well as Microsoft Excel. The contents of the file will look something like this:

    "1","ACME Inc.","John","Smith","","555-0199","18th Oct 2007","5"
    "7","ACME Inc.","James","SMith","","","18th Oct 2007","0"

  2. XML Formatted will export your customer list into a plain text XML file which can be opened in any text editor and also manipulated programatically. The contents of the file will look something like this::

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <customer customerid="1">
            <custconcompany><![CDATA[ACME Inc.]]></custconcompany>
            <custdatejoined><![CDATA[18th Oct 2007]]></custdatejoined>
Choose whichever file format best suits your needs. Your customer list will then be collected and you will be prompted to download the list as a file to your computer.

Export Customers to a Third Party Store

As well as exporting your customer list to a file, you can also export existing customers to a third party store. By default you can export to CubeCart 4.0, OsCommerce 2.2 and X-Cart 4.1. To export to a third party store, you must:
  1. Be running the exact product version for each third party store listed above
  2. Have the third party store installed on the same web site as your Interspire Shopping Cart store
To access the store exporter wizard, click the Tools menu and then choose the Store Exporter option:

The wizard is very easy to follow and there are help tips next to each field if you get stuck. Here's an example of how to export customers from your existing store to a store running OsCommerce 2.2:
  1. Click the Tools menu and choose the Store Exporter option to start the store importer wizard
  2. Choose OsCommerce 2.2 from the My Store Will be Exported to list
  3. Type the location of your OsCommerce 2.2 store into the My OsCommerce Home Page is field. This should be the full web site address of your OsCommerce store, such as
  4. Click Next to continue
  5. Read and agree to the import disclaimers by ticking each and every checkbox then click Next to continue
  6. Your customers will now be exported automatically into your OsCommerce 2.2 store

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