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When and why are my customers sent emails from my store?

Customers are sent emails from your store as a quick and easy way to notify them of events such as once they've placed an order or if a change has been made to their order status. Emails are sent on your behalf and the details of the sender are set to whichever email address you type into the From Email Address field on the Store Settings page (available by clicking the Settings menu).

Emails are sent using PHP's built-in mail function. If you or your customers are not receiving store notification emails then you should contain your web hosting provider and ask them to make sure PHP's mail function is working as it should.

Notifications such as placing a new order and order status changes cannot be disabled from the control panel, however you can disable notification emails for returned items (RMA's) by clicking the Settings menu and choosing the Return Settings option. The Notification Settings section allows to to choose exactly which notifications should be sent:

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