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Step 1 - Adding products to your store

The most important element of your store is the products you want to sell. Interspire Shopping Cart makes it easy to add products into your store. There are three ways you can add products to your store, and all three methods are described below with clear step-by-step instructions.

Add Products to Your Store One by One

If you're not moving to Interspire Shopping Cart from an existing store and don't have a list of products that you want to import then adding products your store one-by-one is the best way to get started. Follow the steps below to add a sample product to your store:
  1. Click the Products tab and then click the Add a Product link. This will displays the Add a Product form. Using this form you can add new products to your store one at a time, and fields with a red asterisk * next to them are required
  2. Start by typing a description for the product into the Product Description field. You will notice that the Product Description field is more than a simple text box. It is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editor that functions in a similar way to Microsoft Word. You can use the buttons on the WYSIWYG editor's toolbar to format text, add links and images, etc to your product description. You can also link to a specific product/category/brand/page in your product description by clicking on the Link to Store... button
  3. Next you need to choose which product type you want to add to your store. If you will be selling tangible items that needs to be shipped to the customer, choose the Physical Product option. If you will be selling intangible items that you want the customer to be able to download after purchase (such as an eBook or Adobe PDF document), choose the Downloadable Product option.
  4. If you choose the Downloadable Product option you will notice that an extra Product Files tab appears above the form. The product files tab is where you can upload the files you want the customer to be able to download once they purchase this product. For more information on how downloadable products work please see this article.
  5. Fill in the other product details under the Catalog Information section. Your new product needs to be assigned to a category, which you can either create by clicking the Create New link under the Category label or from the Create a Category link under the Category tab. For more information on creating categories please see this article.
  6. By default you are only asked for the price at which you want to sell the product on your site, however if you click the More Price Options link you can enter other prices including Cost Price. If you enter the cost price of a product you will be able to view profit statistics from the Product Statistics link under the Statistics tab
  7. You can now upload one or more images for the product you want to add to your store from the Product Image section. By default you're only required to upload one image, however you can click on the More Images link to upload up to 5 separate images.
  8. These are the only product fields which are required to add a product. You can however add more details for the product by clicking on the different product tabs that appear near the top of the form:

    For more details on each tab, please see the products help section.
  9. Once you've added all details for the product, you can either click Save & Exit to save the product and return to the View Products page, or Save & Add Another to save the product and then add another product
  10. The product will now appear in your store for customers to purchase
Import Products from a CSV File on Your Computer

If you already have a list of products that you want to add to your store then it's easy to upload that list as a file from your computer. Interspire Shopping Cart supports files which are in the comma-separated values format (or CSV for short). If you have your list of products saved as an Excel spreadsheet then it's easy to convert your spreadsheet to a CSV file:
  1. Open your list of products in Microsoft Excel
  2. Depending on which version of Excel you're running, either click the Save As option under the File menu or click the Office button and then move your mouse over the Save As menu and choose the Other Formats option.
  3. When the Save As dialog box appears choose CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) from the Save as type pulldown menu.
  4. Type a name for the file into the File name field, such as products.csv and click Save
The import wizard in the Interspire Shopping Cart control panel makes it easy to import your existing product list. You don't have to know HTML and you don't have to know anything about databases. Once you've saved your product list as a CSV file just follow these steps:
  1. Click the Products tab and choose the Import Products menu option
  2. The Import Products wizard will now appear
  3. The required fields are displayed with a red asterisk * next to them, and you can move your mouse over the help tips  if you need help
  4. Under the File Details section you can upload your products file from your computer by clicking the Browse... button
  5. If your products CSV file is larger tham 8MB then you should instead first upload it to the admin/import folder where your copy of Interspire Shopping Cart is located. Refresh the Product Import wizard and you will then be able to select your CSV file from the Use a file already on the server option
  6. Click Next
  7. You can now map which fields from your CSV file are related to the product details in Interspire Shopping Cart. The only 2 fields that must be mapped are the Product Name and Category, as shown below:

    If your CSV file contained headers (headers are one line at the top of the CSV file that describe what each field contains) then the import wizard will try to automatically match up as many fields as it can for you. Once you've matched up the fields, click Next
  8. You can now start the import process. Click the Start Import button and all of the products in your CSV file will be added to your store automatically
When the import process is complete you will see a report like the one below. If anything went wrong during the import you will be provided with an explanation and a list of products that couldn't be imported.

Import Products from a Third Party Store

As well as importing your products list from a CSV file, you can also import existing products from a third party store. By default you can import from CubeCart 4.0, OsCommerce 2.2 and X-Cart 4.1. To import from a third party store, you must:
  1. Be running the exact product version for each third party store listed above
  2. Have the third party store installed on the same web site as your Interspire Shopping Cart store
To access the store importer wizard, click the Tools menu and then choose the Store Importer option:

The wizard is very easy to follow and there are help tips next to each field if you get stuck. Here's an example of how to import products from an existing store running OsCommerce 2.2:
  1. Click the Tools menu and choose the Store Importer option to start the store importer wizard
  2. Choose OsCommerce 2.2 from the My Store is Currently Running list
  3. If your Interspire Shopping Cart store contains any products, categories, orders, etc that you want to remove before the import wizard starts then tick the Delete everything in my Interspire Shopping Cart store first checkbox.
  4. Type the location of your existing OsCommerce 2.2 store into the My OsCommerce Home Page is field. This should be the full web site address of your OsCommerce store, such as
  5. Click Next to continue
  6. Read and agree to the import disclaimers by ticking each and every checkbox then click Next to continue
  7. Choose the I only want to import part of my store (such as products or orders) option for the What Would You Like to Import? field
  8. You will now see a list of all available tasks when importing from OsCommerce 2.2
  9. Because running the Import OsCommerce Products task is dependant on the Import OsCommerce Categories task, you need to run the Import OsCommerce Categories task first
  10. Click the Run Task link next to the Import OsCommerce Categories task
  11. Once your categories are imported, click the Run Task link next to the Import OsCommerce Products task
  12. Your OsCommerce products will now be imported automatically into your new Interspire Shopping Cart store

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