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How do downloadable products work?

In Interspire Shopping Cart there are two types of products: physical products and downloadable products. Physical products are tangible items which you would generally ship to the customer, such as computers, electronics, books, DVDs, etc. Downloadable products are intangible items which customers are able to download after buying from your store, such as eBooks or reports. When adding a product you can choose to create a physical or downloadable product.

To add a digital product to your store, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the Products tab and choose the Add a Product menu option
  2. Enter the product's description in the Product Description box
  3. Choose Downloadable Product for the Product Type option
  4. Fill in the other details under the Catalog Information and Product Image sections
  5. Scroll to the top of the form and click the Product Files tab. From here you can upload the files that the customer can download after buying this downloadable product from your store:

To upload and attach a file to your downloadable product, follow the steps:
  1. From the Add a Product page click on the Product Files tab as explained above
  2. The only required field is the File to Upload field, which allows you to choose a file to upload from your computer, however you can fill out the other fields if required
  3. After you've chosen a file and optionally filled out the other fields, click Upload File, and the file will be attached to your downloadable product
  4. You can repeat this process to upload as many files as you like, as shown below:

  5. When you're done uploading files for your downloadable product, just click Save & Exit to save the product and return to the View Products page, or Save & Add Another to save the product and add another product to your store

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