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What are product categories and how do I add them to my store?

What is a product category?

A product category is a way to organize products in your store by the type of products you sell. For example, if you sell electronic products then your categories might be computers, televisions, projectors, speakers and cell phones. If you however only sell one type of product from your store, such as t-shirts, then your categories might be v-neck, sweaters and hoodies.

Categories are one of many ways that visitors to your store can find the products they want to buy. Other ways include:
  • Shopping by brand
  • Shopping by price
  • Searching
  • Looking at related products
  • Looking at popular/top selling products
How do I add product categories to my store?

There are two different ways you can add product categories to your store, both of which are explained below:
  1. When adding a product. You can create new categories when you're in the middle of adding a product to your store, and without losing any product information you've typed in. To create a new category as you're adding a product to your store, just click the Create New link under the Categories label from the the Catalog Information section on the Product Details tab. You will then see a dialog box that allows you to create a new category, like this:

    Simply type the name of the category you want to create into the Name field and optionally choose a parent category under which this category will be listed in your store.

  2. Using the Create a Category page. Another way to create products categories is from the Create a Category page. To do this, click on the Categories tab and then choose the Create a Category link. Type the details of the product category into the form and click Save. The product category will now be added to your store.

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