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Step 6 - Add pages to your web site

What are pages and why would I use them?

As well as displaying products in your store, most eCommerce sites also like to present their visitors with pages of content, such as an About Us page or a list of frequently asked questions. Interspire Shopping Cart allows you to create an unlimited number of pages which will appear on the pages menu at the top of your store. There are four different pages types that you can create:
  1. A page that contains content you type into the WYSIWYG HTML editor from the control panel
  2. A page that links to another web site or document
  3. A page that displays syndicated content from an RSS feed
  4. A page that allows people to email you via a form on your web site
Using a combination of these four different page types, it's possible to publish most types of content in your store. Pages can also be nested so that they don't clutter up your store's navigation menu, like so:

Adding a page to your web site
  1. Click the Website Content tab and choose the Create a Web Page link
  2. The This Page Will section allows you to choose the type of web page you would like to create. Refer to the four page types described at the beginning of the article if required
  3. Depending on which page type you choose, different fields will show on the form
  4. Fill out the form and click Save
Web pages are extremely flexible, and there are a few things to note:
  • To display a web page on your store's navigation menu, make sure the Yes, show this web page on the navigation menu is ticked
  • To display a web page directly on your store's navigation menu, choose -- No Parent Page -- for the Parent Page field
  • To nest a web page under another web page on your store's navigation menu so that it only appears when you move your mouse over the menu, choose a web page for the Parent Page field
  • Certain web pages can be used as the home page of your store, instead of displaying the default home page. Tick the Yes, display this page as the home page of my store to show this web page when a visitor arrives at your home page
To learn more about web pages, please visit the web pages help section.

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