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How do coupon codes work?

What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes allow you to provide people with discounts when purchasing products from your online store. You can generate a coupon for a specific product or category. To generate a coupon code, click the Promotions tab, choosing the Coupon Codes option and then clicking on the Create a Coupon... button.

From the Create a Coupon page you can enter the details for the discount you want to provide. Fields worth mentioning are discussed below:
  • Coupon name: You should give the coupon code you are creating a descriptive name, such as "20% off all laptops". The coupon's name is only visible to you
  • Discount amount: You can make the coupon code provide a percentage discount or a fixed dollar amount discount. Type the percentage or dollar value in the text box and choose the discount type from the drop down menu
  • Applies to: As mentioned above, a coupon code can be applied on a per-product or per-category basis. If you want the coupon code to be able to be used for all products in one or more categories, click the This coupon code can be used with these categories radio button. If you only want the coupon code to work when purchasing one or more specific products, click the This coupon code can be used with these products radio button.
  • If you've chosen the categories option then click on each category you would like the coupon code to work for. When someone has added any products from the selected category/categories to their shopping cart and enter the coupon code, they will receive the discount amount of any products in the selected categories only.
  • If you've chosen the products option then click the Add a Product... button to choose one or more products for which this coupon code can be used
  • When you're done click Save
  • A new coupon code will be created and you will see the coupon's unique code on the View Coupons page, as shown below.

You can now copy the coupon code and share it with customers or prospects. When they enter the coupon code in your store they will receive whatever discount you have assigned to the coupon.

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