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What are permissions and how do they work?

What are permissions?

Permissions are a simple way to restrict which areas in the control panel your staff members have access to. Permissions can be set when adding or editing a user account from the control panel. To add a user account, click the User Accounts link and then click the Create a User Account... button. You will see the list of permissions about half way down the page, like this:

How do user permissions work?

The user permissions are separated into three distinct sections, however a user can have any number of permissions applied to them. Each section is explained below:
  • Sales Staff Permissions - These permissions would generally be assigned to the person responsible for the sales and/or marketing of your store.
  • Sales Manager Permissions - These permissions would generally be assigned to a staff member who is in control of processing the orders that come through your store.
  • System Admin Permissions - These are the administrator permissions that would be assigned to a staff member who you would like to give full access of the control panel to.
You can use the Select All / Unselect All link under each set of permissions to toggle all permissions on or off. You can also click on a single permission in the list to toggle it. To assign all permissions to a user, simply click the Select All link under each of the three different sections. When the user logs in, the links and tabs they see will depend on which permissions are made available to them.

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