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How can I create a backup of my store?


Interspire Shopping Cart makes it easy for you to create a backup of your store's contents (orders, products and their images, customers, etc), as well as your store's configuration file. Before you can create a backup you need to enable backups, which will be explained below.

How do I enable backups for my store?

Before you can create a backup of your store you need to enable backups. To do this, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Settings link and choose the Store Settings menu option
  2. Click the Backup Settings tab to see the backup settings:

  3. In Interspire Shopping Cart there are two different backup methods. Local backups allow you to create a backup of your store in a folder on your web site. Remote backups allow you to create a backup of your store on a different web site by specifying the web site's FTP details.
  4. To enable local backups, tick the Enable Local Backups checkbox
  5. To enable remote backups, tick the Enable Remote Backups checkbox
  6. Click Save
Please note: Automatic backups are explained in a separate article.

Now that you have enabled local and/or remote backups, it's time to create a backup.

How to create a backup of your store
  1. Click the Tools link and choose the Backups menu option
  2. Click the Create a Backup... button
  3. If you've enabled both local and remote backups, start by choosing a backup method
  4. Choose which parts of your store you'd like to backup by ticking the appropriate checkboxes
  5. Click the Start Backup... button
  6. Your store will be backed up automatically and you will see progress as the backup progresses
  7. When the backup has been created you will see a confirmation message and the backup will be listed on the page if it was a local backup. If you chose a remote backup then you can login to your backup server using FTP to see the backup files

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