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What are placeholders and which ones can I use in my ads?

When creating your ads using any of the marketing addons (available for purchase here, or from the Promotions tab if you've already purchased and installed it from the Settings -> Addon Settings page), you can specify special placeholders which will be replaced with real values when the ads are created for each product in your store.

For example, if you use {PRODBRAND} anywhere in your ad, it will be replaced with the product's brand name (if you've assigned a brand name to the product) when the ads are generated. Available placeholders are:
  • {STORENAME} - The name of your store
  • {PRODNAME} - The name of the product
  • {PRODBRAND} - The brand you've assigned to the product
  • {PRODSUMMARY} - The first 32 characters of the product's description followed by an ellipsis (...)
  • {PRODPRICE} - The product's price as displayed in your store
  • {PRODSKU} - The product's SKU, or stock keeping unit
  • {PRODCAT} - The name of the category in which this product appears

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