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Quick guide to duplicating the recent article list, then modifying how it is displayed. - For Interspire Website Publisher NX 1.7

This article relates to Interspire Website Publisher NX 1.7 only. Scroll down to the 'Related Articles' at the end of this guide for instructions for Interspire Website Publisher NX 2.0.

Open /includes/display/ and find: RecentArticlesPanel.php and make a copy and name it something, for this example I'll call it RecentArticlesListPanel.php

Then do the same for the .html file located in /templates/{your-template}/Panels/RecentArticlesPanel.html

Open the .php file for editing and find:


It will be in there twice, once in quotes, the other not. Change them to something new for this file, e.g.:


Now find:

$output = AL_HELPER::GetArticles($articleResult);

and add this line above like:

$GLOBALS['SnippetName'] = 'ArticleRecentList';
$output = AL_HELPER::GetArticles($articleResult);

Now open: /admin/includes/classes/class.helper.php then find:

$thisArticleRow = $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_TEMPLATE"]->GetSnippet("ArticleList");

and change it to:

$thisArticleRow = $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_TEMPLATE"]->GetSnippet($GLOBALS['SnippetName']);
$thisArticleRow = $GLOBALS["AL_CLASS_TEMPLATE"]->GetSnippet("ArticleList");

Above we put in this code: $GLOBALS['SnippetName'] = 'ArticleRecentList';

This now means it will use the formatting in this file:


to display each article. You can use these placeholders in there:


So if you put in:

<a href="%%GLOBAL_url%%">%%GLOBAL_text%%</a><br/>

It will use that for each article that is to be shown from the database.

You can change the number of articles to show by editing the first file again and finding:

$this->numArticles = $GLOBALS["AL_CFG"]["NumRecentArticles"];

and changing it to something like this:

$this->numArticles = 5;

Then you can include it into your template files using:


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