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Can I install more than one version of SiteCenter in my server using the same user database?

If you are running SiteCenter NX, you can have more than one SiteCenter install running side by side and on the same database. This is very useful for testing a new version before releasing it to your customers. This is how:
1. download the new SiteCenter package from your client area;
2. unzip the SiteCenter package in your computer;
3. upload the files you have extracted on step 2 to a new folder on your server, like /sitecenternew
4. from your current working SiteCenter install, download the file /admin/includes/config.php to your computer;
5. in the config.php file downloaded on step 4, use a text editor like Notepad to adjust the following variable:
$GLOBALS["siteURL"] = "";
to point to the new URL
$GLOBALS["siteURL"] = "";
and save the file;
6. upload your new config.php file to /sitecenternew/admin/includes/config.php, overwriting the config.php.

This allows both SiteCenter installs to work off the same database.

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