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What are the notable changes when upgrading from SendStudio 2004 to Interspire Email Marketer?

The following are some notable changes that take place when you upgrade from SendStudio 2004 to Interspire Email Marketer:
  • The default character set is set to 'ISO-8859-1'. If you need to change this, you will need to edit your admin/includes/config.php file to change it to 'UTF-8'.
  • Interspire Email Marketer now supports timezones. Please check the settings page and confirm the server timezone. Please also check the timezone for each user and adjust it accordingly, they have all been set to GMT.
  • Information (such as the date a person unsubscribed) was not stored, so the upgrade had to "guess" when this happened and set all of that information to today's date.
  • Existing autoresponder statistics are not accurate. Information about who was sent which type of autoresponder was previously not recorded. That is, whether a contact was sent the html version or the text version.
  • Users & settings have a lot of new options.
  • Custom fields have been associated with all of a users contact list. Please check these associations.
  • All forms have been set to 'Classic White (Default)', please adjust as necessary.
  • You may need to clear your browsers cache to see the new images and buttons.

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