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Cannot create database table

If you encountered error message such as this (when you are installing/migrating) using MySQL:

There was a problem running the following queries against your database: CREATE TABLE ss_autoresponders ( autoresponderid int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, name varchar(255) default NULL, subject varchar(255) default NULL, format char(1) default NULL, textbody longtext, htmlbody longtext, createdate int(11) default 0, active int default 0 references ss_users(userid), hoursaftersubscription int(11) default 0, ownerid int(11) NOT NULL default 0 references ss_users(userid), searchcriteria mediumtext, listid int(11) default 0 references ss_lists(listid), tracklinks char(1) default 1, trackopens char(1) default 1, multipart char(1) default 1, queueid int(11) default 0, sendfromname varchar(255) default NULL, sendfromemail varchar(255) default NULL, replytoemail varchar(255) default NULL, bounceemail varchar(255) default NULL, charset varchar(255) default NULL, embedimages char(1) default '0', to_firstname int default 0 references ss_customfields(fieldid), to_lastname int default 0 references ss_customfields(fieldid), autorespondersize int default 0 ) character set utf8 engine=innodb

Two of the most prominent reasons are as follow:
  • MySQL user account that Interspire Email Marketer is using does not have the permission to create table >> You need to grant Interspire Email Marketer full access to the database that is going to be used by Interspire Email Marketer
  • innoDB is disabled in MySQL >> You need to enable innoDB for MySQL

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