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Getting Started with Interspire Website Publisher

Step 1. Create a category

Articles are placed into categories to sort them into related topics. Categories thus assist in organising the content on your website. As all articles are required to be placed into a category, the first step is to create one.

To create a category, click the "Create a Catgory" option under the "Categories" tab.

When creating your category, the only required field is the name. If you've just installed the software then there will be a sample category called "Sample Category". You can choose to edit this category by clicking 'View Categories' instead of creating a new category.

Step 2. Create your web pages

Web pages allow you to publish content on your web site. Web pages can include text, links and images, and will appear along the top of your website in the navigation menu.

To create a web page, click the "Create a Web Page" option under the "Web Pages" tab.

Step 3. Create your articles

Articles also allow you to publish content on your web site, but are more advanced than pages. Articles can include multiple pages, and readers can also leave comments on articles. Articles are flexible and can be used in a variety of ways.

To create an article, click the "Create an Article" option under the "Articles" tab.

A basic article will contain a title, category, summary, and body content. There are also more advanced options available, which you will see when creating an article.

Step 4. Create a blog post

As well as pages and articles, you can also publish blog posts directly to your site. A blog is an online journal that's published to your web site. Visitors can comment on your blog and you can also publish a podcast, which allows you to upload an audio file that visitors can listen to.

To create a blog post, click the "Create a Blog Post" option under the "Blogs" tab.

Advanced Options

This section describes some of the more advanced options that allow you to publish different types of content and customize your website.

Choose your web site's template design

The software includes one web site template by default, however it's easy to download dozens more, directly from the control panel. Follow the steps below to download more web site templates:
  1. Click the "Templates" link at the top of the control panel. You will now be on the templates page.
  2. Click on the gray "Download Templates" link and then the "Click here to check for new templates" link.
  3. The software will now display a list of web site templates which you can download
  4. Click the "Download" link under the web site template(s) you would like to download
  5. Click on the gray "Template Settings" tab and then click on one of the template images to select it
  6. The selected template will be applied to your web site

After you choose a web site template it will be applied with just one click.

Starting your own email newsletter

Interspire SendStudio NX is email marketing software that integrates directly into your web site. From the "Settings" => "SendStudio" tab you can integrate SendStudio into your web site and display a newsletter signup box on your web site, like this:

The newsletter box that will appear on your web site after integrating Interspire SendStudio NX.

To integrate Interspire SendStudio NX into your web site, follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a copy of Interspire SendStudio NX
  2. Install Interspire SendStudio NX on the same server as your web site or have Interspire install it free of charge
  3. Create a mailing list in Interspire SendStudio NX. This is the list where your newsletter subscriber's will be saved.
  4. Optionally create a custom field to save the subscriber's first name
  5. Go to the "Settings" page from the control panel of your web site and click the "SendStudio" tab
  6. Fill out the form and click "Save". More options will appear, which allow you to choose the mailing list into which subscribers should be saved.
  7. Click "Save" again. Interspire SendStudio NX is now integrated into your web site.
  8. A newsletter box will appear on every page of your web site.
  9. Login to your copy of Interspire SendStudio NX to see a list of people who have subscribed to your list and to send your newsletters.
Backup your web site

After your web site is setup, you should create a backup of your database. To do this, click the "Tools" menu and then click the "System Tools" option. Click the gray "Database Tools" tab then click the "Create Backup" button. Follow the wizard to create a backup. When the backup is created, click the "Download" link to save a copy of the backup file to your computer.

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