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Can you give me advice on implementing DevEdit into my CMS system?

The basic idea behind DevEdit is the ability to replace the boring and functionless HTML TextArea tag with a WYSIWYG editor which will allows you to create HTML enriched text.

The basic idea of what you need to do is shown below:

  • Find an instance of a TextArea tag in your web page.
  • Replace the text area tag with the code needed to display DevEdit. Remember the name of the TextArea tag.
  • Once you have removed the TextArea, open the page that the form submits to.

Replace the variable that the TextArea would have submitted with the GetValue command, which is a function of the DevEdit control that contains the HTML created inside the editor.

For example, instead of using this:

$val = $_POST["theValue"];

You would use this:

$val = $myDE->GetValue(false);

The DevEdit documentation has more detailed information as well as the entire PHP and Javascript API.

If you're still having trouble integrating into your application, please post a support ticket and one of our developers will help you.

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