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Upgrading between versions of Interspire Shopping Cart

Upgrading an existing store is fairly straight forward. Basically what you need to do (in summary) is :-

  • Get the new version from the client area
  • Backup your existing store
  • Upload the modified files
  • Run the upgrade wizard
  • Update your template

Get the new version from the client area

Login to and click the "Get Downloads" link in the menu on the right hand side of the page. From there click the zip icon next to the Interspire Shopping Cart product to start the download.

If your support and upgrade period for that product has expired then you will need to follow the instructions given to you in the prompt to renew your support and upgrades period for that product before being able to download the new version.

Backup your existing store

You easiest way to do this is to download a complete copy of your store files. Once this is done you will also have to use phpmyadmin (or similar) to make a backup copy of your database. Most web hosts will provide a link to phpmyadmin from their control panel.

Upload the modified files

As of version 3.0 all the modified files are listed in the changelog.txt file in the updated zip file. If you have made changes to any of the files then you can use this list to be able to upload just the files that have changed between versions to reduce the chance of losing your changes.

Note: For users of Panic's transmit on Mac OS X.
When uploading new files please choose "Merge" for any directories and "Replace" for any files when prompted. If you choose "Replace" for a directory then you may lose your data and/or settings.

Run the upgrade wizard

Go to the control panel of your site and you will be prompted with the upgrade wizard. The upgrade wizard does a check to make sure that all the file permissions are setup correctly so if you are prompted to, you will need to correct the file permissions before you are able to run the upgrade wizard.

When you see the upgrade wizard you just need to click the "Run Upgrade" button to run through the upgrade steps. Depending on what version you are upgrading to the steps may take a while to complete. Once the upgrade wizard is done you should see a success message and a link to take you to the control panel login page.

If you get an error message, please create a support ticket in the client area with the full details of the error reported, admin control panel login details and ftp details. To ensure that we can fix your problem as quickly as possible, please double check these details. We copy and paste the login details from support tickets so please ensure they are correct otherwise there will be a delay in being able to fix your problem while we ask you to verify your login details.

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