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Adding Subscribers: A Quick Tutorial

There are 3 different ways you can add subscribers to your mailing list:
  1. Import subscribers from a file
    If you already have a list of subscribers in a file on your computer, you can upload that file into the system and add the subscribers to your new mailing list. To start, you will need to export your subscriber list from your other mailing program. You should export your subscriber list into a CSV (comma separated value) file. A CSV file will contain a list of your subscribers details in a line-by-line format, such as:,MALE,Y,20030101,FEMALE,N,20031014,MALE,N,20020706

    Move your mouse over the "Subscribers" tab and click the "Import Subscribers" option, as shown below:

    To import subscribers from a file, click the "Import Subscribers" option under the "Subscribers" tab.

    This will start the "Import Subscribers" wizard. Choose the mailing list you want to import subscribers to and click the "Next >>" button.

    The example import file above includes three records, and each record is separated with a new line. Each record contains four fields, and each field is separated with a comma. The CSV file will typically have a .CSV or .TXT file extension. Start by clicking on the "Browse..." button in the form to select your CSV file from your hard drive:

    To import subscribers from a file, click the "Browse..." button to choose the file.

    If your import file contains a line of headers like this:


    ... make sure you tick the "Yes, this file contains headers" checkbox. Click the "Next >>" button to proceed to the next step.

    You will now be asked to map the fields from the imported file to the fields in the system. Simply click the dropdown box next to each field that was found in the file and match it up to the field in the system. Here's an example for an import file that included "Sex" and "Age" custom fields:

    Click the dropdown next to each imported field to map it to the appropriate field in the system.

    Click the "Next >>" button when you are done. Finally, click the "Start Import" button. Your subscribers will be imported one by one and the popup window that appears will show you how many subscribers have been imported and how many remain. You will see a final report when all subscribers have been imported:

    The final screen will tell you how many subscribers were imported. It will also tell you if your subscriber file contained bad data.
  2. Type in subscribers manually

    If you only have a handful of subscribers to add to your list, you can use the "Add Subscriber" form to add them in manually. Move your mouse over the "Subscribers" tab and click the "Add Subscriber" menu option:

    To add subscribers by typing them in, click the "Add Subscriber" option under the "Subscribers" menu.

    Choose a mailing list to add subscribers to and click the "Next >>" button. Fill out the form by typing in their email address and values for any custom fields you've created for the mailing list.

    Complete the form to add a subscriber to the selected mailing list.

    When you're done, click "Save" to save the subscriber to the mailing list and add another subscriber. Click "Save And Exit" to add the subscriber and return to the main page of the system.

  3. Create a subscription form for your web site

    If you want to offer visitors to your web site a way to sigup to your mailing list, you can create a subscription form in the system to add to your site. You will need to have a little experience with HTML to add the form to your web site.

    To get started, click the "Website Forms" link shown in the top right-hand corner of the system. This will take you to the "Manage Website Forms" page. Website forms are special forms that you can create. You can create website forms to accept subscribers, for someone to unsubscribe, modify their subscription details or send an email campaign to their friends.

    Click the "Create Form" button to create a form. Type in a form name and make sure you choose the "Subscription" option from the "Form Type" dropdown. If you aren't sure what any of the fields are, just move your mouse over the help icon next to that field:

    Creating a form to accept subscribers from your web site is easy.

    Click the "Next >>" button. Depending on which form options you chose, you may or may not be required to enter more details. Again, if you are unsure of anything just move your mouse over the help icon next to the field and read the help text.

    Once you've created your form you'll be taken back to the "Manage Website Forms" page. Simply click the "Get HTML" link next to your new form and paste that code into your website to add the subscription form to your site.

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