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Why do the orders seem to skip order numbers ?

When a customer goes to checkout it creates a new order for them. If the customer doesn't end up completing the checkout process for paying for an order, then this order will not show up in the control panel unless you change the order view to Incomplete Orders.

Incomplete orders may appear on your store for numerous reasons including:
  • Customers simply choosing not to pay for their order after heading to your payment gateway
  • Customers entering invalid billing details and so a payment/transaction was not able to be completed
  • Customers web browsers being closed or their internet connection dropping out and them replacing the order at a later time
Orders that have not been completed within 48 hours are automatically cleared from the database. This is why order numbers may sometimes seem to skip.

If you haven't received a payment for those orders then there is nothing to worry about.

To change the order view to "Incomplete Orders" you go to the manage orders page in your control panel and then click on "All Orders" next to view which will drop down a list from which you can select the "Incomplete Orders" view.

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