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What does the QuickBooks Accounting module do?

Watch this video for a complete guide on how to integrate Interspire Shopping Cart with Intuit QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks Accounting module enables you to automatically import customers, products and orders directly into your QuickBooks installation. The data to be imported can be fine tuned to only import certain information, like only importing new customers or only new and existing product to fully importing new and updated information for customer, products and orders. The import process can set to execute once every 5, 10, 15 minutes to as long as once a week.

Shopping Cart is able to import into QuickBooks through a piece of software called QuickBooks Web Connector (can be downloaded here). The QBWC asts as a mediator between Shopping Cart and QuickBooks and will only work via a secure link (non self signed SSL). Once the QBWC is downloaded and the QuickBooks module is setup then the automated process will take care of importing all your customers, products and oders.

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