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How do I setup my QuickBooks module?

Watch this video for a complete guide on how to integrate Interspire Shopping Cart with Intuit QuickBooks.

Firstly you will need to ensure that you have the below setup with your Web server and your PHP installation:
  • PHP version 5.1.3 or above
  • PHP's SOAP module
  • PHP's SimpleXML module
  • A non self-signed SSL link

These settings are required by Shopping Cart and also by QBWC in order to function. Once these settings have been verified you are now ready to setup your module:
  • Start by opening your company profile in Intuit QuickBooks
  • You will need to add two sales tax codes for taxable and non-taxable products. Read this article for a complete explanation
  • The QuickBooks Web Connector allows QuickBooks to "talk" to your shopping cart. You should install QBWC on the computer where you have QuickBooks setup.
  • Next you will need to go to the 'Accounting Settings' admin unders the 'Settings' menu in the Shppping Cart admin and select 'Intuit QuickBooks' in the Accounting Settings checklist. After you have selected that, press Save.
  • After that you should now see a second tab called 'Intuit QuickBooks', click on that tab and fill out the form below and click Save to create a QBWC configuration file with your preferences
  • Once you've done that a yellow box will appear below with a link to download your QBWC config file. Save the file to your computer
  • When the file is downloaded, double click on it to install it into QBWC
  • If successful you should see the 'Shopping Cart QuickBooks Intergration' package in the application list of QBWC
  • Finally you need to copy the password in the 'Authentication Password' section below into the 'Password' list in QBWC
  • Once you've done this QBWC will be able to talk to your shopping cart and download store data at the interval you specified below

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