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How do I update my template?

Templates can be updated in your Interspire Shopping Cart control panel on Your Store Design page.

Please login to your control panel, click on Store Design link on the top of the page. After the page loaded, please find a button "Check For New Version" in Current Store Design section and click on it, then a line of texts which tells whether you are running the latest version should be displayed below the buttons. If your template is not the latest version, the "Check For New Version" button should change to "Download New Version", click on it, you should receive a warning message "Important Note: By downloading this new template you will completely override your current template files which will *not* be recoverable. ....", make sure you have made backup of the changes you made to your template, then click "Ok" to update your template. Finally, you need to apply the changes you made to the updated templates.

NOTE: If you are running you own custom template, you need to switch back to the Interspire template you based off, and update the Interspire template, then copy the new files over to your custom template, you can find the list of changed files in the file changelog.txt in your shopping cart directory for each release.

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